Preservation Society

The Castlemaine & Maldon Railway Preservation Society (CMRPS)

Following closure of the Maldon Railway in December, 1976 an unincorporated body known as the Castlemaine & Maldon Railway Preservation Society was formed with the purpose of preserving, restoring and operating the line as a Tourist Railway capturing the steam era of the Victorian Branchline Railway. The Society was incorporated as a not-for-profit company in 1980.

The CMRPS has adopted the trading name 'Victorian Goldfields Railway" for the tourist train operation and has a membership of more than 300.

From the membership is drawn the volunteer workers and much of the financial support necessary for the ongoing development of the VGR.

How you can help

By becoming a Member you support the work of the Society through your annual subscription.

By becoming a Volunteer you will help keep the Railway operating and contribute to the preservation of the unique range of rollingstock and infrastructure.