Race Rules

The following race rules will apply to all Race entrants. These rules may be added to before the start of the race.

  1. The event is an MTBA affiliated event. As such all riders must hold a current MTBA license or buy a MTBA day license during the online entry process;
  2. Riders must present their MTBA license at registration in order to receive their race number. No licence = No Number = No Race;
  3. Race numbers must be attached to the handle bars and clearly visible;
  4. It is a requirement that all riders wear a helmet at all times, including warming up, and around the start and finish areas.
  5. Helmets must be approved to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2063;
  6. Riders must obey the directions of event organisers and marshals at all times;
  7. Train has priority at railway crossing points. Riders must stop if instructed to do so by crossing marshals. 
  8. Riders must obey the Australian Road Rules as all roads are open to traffic. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the event;
  9. All riders must attend the pre-race briefing;
  10. Riders must obey all course directions and are responsible for following the designated course.
  11. Failing to complete the whole course (ie taking shortcuts) will result in the rider being disqualified.
  12. All riders must behave in a sporting manner. This includes not using abusive language or behaviour toward other riders and marshals, and allowing faster riders to overtake when safe to do so;
  13. Littering will result in disqualification from the event;
  14. If a rider withdraws for any reason they must notify a marshal as soon as practicable;
  15. Riders should render all possible assistance to any participant who is in distress or danger;
  16. In the event of injury or accident riders must stop to assist an injured rider;
  17. Neutral support will not be present. Participants must carry the necessary equipment and skills required to be self-sufficient mechanically during the race.
  18. The event director has the right to call off the race either before or during for any reason relating to rider safety; 

This race information may change at any time. Changes will be posted on this website as soon as practicable and communicated in the pre-event briefing newsletter.