Train Tickets

There are three train services you may wish to consider:

  • 10:30am Maldon to Castlemaine (ideal for getting you and your bike from Maldon to the start line in Castlemaine).
  • 11:45am Castlemaine to Maldon (this is the 'Race' train. Buy a ticket for this service if you want to watch the action unfold from the comfort of the carriages).
  • 2:30pm Maldon to Castlemaine (perfect for getting you back to Castlemaine at the end of the event).


Adult (one-way) $20
U18 (one-way) $10

To book a seat on any of the Train services, please visit the VGR website.

Please note, this is a special event-day ticket price that includes bike transport. The train has the capacity to accommodate 250 passengers and 100 bikes so get in early to secure your spot.